August 24, 2010

In the garden

This work-in-progress will be my entry into an upcoming exhibition at the Columbia Art League: the House of Cards show -- that runs from October 19 through November 21, 2010. The show will include the work of 53 local artists, with each of their works illustrating one card in a deck of cards. The Art League plans to produce a deck of cards that will be offered for sale, and will include all the works in the show. I think it will be a great collector's item and memento.

I drew some inspiration from medieval illuminated manuscripts, and enjoyed bringing some of those ancient ideas into the design. Can you tell which card this illustration represents? 


  1. Wish I could tell which card this is and can only guess at it being a 'spade'? Maybe a 4 of spades (the tines of the pitchfork)? No matter, but it sure is beautiful!! That would indeed be a collector's deck!

  2. Linda,
    The picture is one of your best!!! Absolutely beautiful. Unrelated - I bought some wool from you in 2006 and could find no other place to contact you so here I am to tell you that I just spun it up and it is amazing!

  3. Thanks, this card was the 7 of spades. There are seven ladybugs and the shovel and wheelbarrow kind of hint that it is a seven.