August 1, 2010

Hanka Homestead Kitchen, Michigan

In home decoration, do you find yourself going back to the same colors? I've lately started saving photos that have particular combinations of color that I like. This time it was a photo of the Mad Hatter in the recent movie Alice in Wonderland. In the photo, he has a rich russet suit with white lace cuffs, orange hair, and a green hat with a pink headband. So I played around with the colors in my studio and decided to paint my walls pink, and my sink green, and elsewhere I picked up on the green and golden tones in the photo. Above is a different example of that color scheme at the Hanka Homestead in Michigan. I've always liked this photo and now realize it was pretty much the same color scheme. Do you have a favorite group of colors you like to see in a design or elsewhere?

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