August 25, 2010

The Pastor's House

I seem to recall this was the pastor's house next to a church in Calumet, Michigan. I abandoned the normal artistic arrangement to take this photo straight on, to emphasize the strictly balanced facade, the dark shadow facing those who would approach the door, and the windows that don't let you see in, but reflect all that is around, the barred basement windows and the vivid blue windows of the upper stories.

August 24, 2010

In the garden

This work-in-progress will be my entry into an upcoming exhibition at the Columbia Art League: the House of Cards show -- that runs from October 19 through November 21, 2010. The show will include the work of 53 local artists, with each of their works illustrating one card in a deck of cards. The Art League plans to produce a deck of cards that will be offered for sale, and will include all the works in the show. I think it will be a great collector's item and memento.

I drew some inspiration from medieval illuminated manuscripts, and enjoyed bringing some of those ancient ideas into the design. Can you tell which card this illustration represents? 

August 1, 2010

Cattails at the Pond

Did you ever write an essay or make something that didn't seem right and you couldn't finish it but then one day you looked at it again and you appreciated it completely the way that it was? I struggled with this painting and didn't really like it and felt like I hadn't done what I wanted to do. I finally decided to frame it and put a final varnish on it anyway. I now enjoy this painting even though it might appear a bit unfinished and unrefined. I think  it adds a touch of mystery and a lyrical quality. I'll share another one down the road. Have you had the same experience?

Hanka Homestead Kitchen, Michigan

In home decoration, do you find yourself going back to the same colors? I've lately started saving photos that have particular combinations of color that I like. This time it was a photo of the Mad Hatter in the recent movie Alice in Wonderland. In the photo, he has a rich russet suit with white lace cuffs, orange hair, and a green hat with a pink headband. So I played around with the colors in my studio and decided to paint my walls pink, and my sink green, and elsewhere I picked up on the green and golden tones in the photo. Above is a different example of that color scheme at the Hanka Homestead in Michigan. I've always liked this photo and now realize it was pretty much the same color scheme. Do you have a favorite group of colors you like to see in a design or elsewhere?