April 4, 2010

Virtual Paintout in the Canary Islands

This month's virtual paintout takes us to the Canary Islands. If you haven't had a chance to use Streetview to wander the roads of the Canary Islands, it's a very interesting place with very narrow streets and steep rocky mountains, with occasional pockets of trees and greenery. I spent most of my time in the higher reaches of the island, but on my descent to the coast I passed by a group of brightly colored buildings at the convergence of a few village streets. 5 by 7 inches, pen and ink on claybord.


  1. Linda, I like this very much. You have captured a typical Canaries scene beautifully. The lighting on the islands is amazing and you have really used it to bring your work to life. As a Canary Islander - I recognise the scene!

  2. You have such a gorgeous style, Linda. So glad to have found your blog!

  3. Wonderful bit of Canary Islands! Thank you. (And it was a fun excuse to look through the rest of your blog as well...)